5 Ways To Keep Your Computer Safe And Secure From Virus-es And Hackers

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The world is getting Digital and not protecting your PC from various hijackers and ransomware attacks is more important than you eating your dinner. That’s right, the number of cyberattacks on computers is increased in late 2017 with the introduction of a ransomware attack which formally encrypts all important files on your PC and asks you to pay for the decryption key. I am sure you don’t want to experience this, and that’s why it is important to keep your computer safe and secure from viruses and hackers and other malicious attempts to hijack your data.

Why Do Hackers And Hijackers Are Attacking You?

antivirus solutionsYour computer doesn’t contain the launch code for nuclear missiles, but we are sure you have some critical data such as your family photos, business documents. There is more than that, as you might not know this but there is susceptible data like your credit card details, your saved passwords and much more in your browser history and cache files. These hijackers and viruses are designed to stole this information.

How Can You Save Your Computer From These Attacks?

There are many precautions you can take to save yourselves from these attacks which we are going to discuss below:

Using a Firewall:

5 Ways To Keep Your Computer Safe And Secure - GFXRIDERThis is what most companies use to protect their data from any outside party. That’s why you’re so sure to store your essential files in google drive or other online storage services. In short, a Firewall is a strong type of encryption that only allows limited access if you have the username and password. You can try various firewall apps that will tunnel your internet bandwidth through a secured tunnel which will protect you from external attacks.

Check For Malware:

antivirus solutionsMalware is different from a virus, but they are more equally dangerous when it comes to PC security. This malware can crawl around your PC and transmit sensitive information to hackers including credit card details, your browsing history, documents, etc. You can try Malwarebytes to get rid of such malware. It’s free and easy to use the software.

Installing A good Antivirus: 

antivirus solutionsAntivirus is designed to track and delete the viruses from your PC thus, keeping your system safe. Make sure to keep their virus dictionary up to date to avoid any mishappening. If you’re looking for some good antivirus programs then keep reading, we will talk about them in the end.

Backing Up your Data:

antivirus solutionsWhat if some nasty malware or random virus slides into your system despite all antivirus and anti-malware programs? Yes, it could happen as hackers try to make new, efficient and un-trackable viruses every day. So it will be a wise decision to take a backup of your important data which might include your family photographs and business documents in a secure place. By secure place, we mean storage solutions like a compact disk, USB drive or online file storage services like Google Drive.

Be aware of Scams: 

antivirus solutionsDo not open spam email which claims that you just won a lottery coz you didn’t. Don’t fall for phishing scams. Always look for Https in your address bar while doing any online payment. Do not install pirated apps and games. These are some steps you need to take care to keep you and your PC protected.

Best Antivirus And Anti-Malware Softwares To Keep Your Computer Safe From Virus And Hackers

As we talked about that certain viruses and malware can result in a leak of your sensitive information, and they can hit hard your PC in many ways. To avoid that you must install a good antivirus program. We are listing a few antivirus programs below; you can choose them according to what suits you better.

Avira Antivirus (Free/Paid)Antivirus Solutions

Avira Antivirus is one great set of protection tools that you can install to protect your PC. It has a solid virus protection shield. Furthermore, it doesn’t bother you with unnecessary updates and warning messages while you’re working on your PC. It does all the work and protects your PC against virus and malware attacks in real-time. Along with a powerful Virus scanner, it is also equipped with a powerful Anti-malware engine which deletes malware on sight. It actively scans your computer and doesn’t eat much of your resources. These all features are included in the Avira free package which is more than enough for average users. However, if you are concerned about getting phishing emails, ransomware attacks, etc. then you can opt for their Pro plan which covers all these aspects and will indeed keep your PC miles away from any hacking issue.

Sophos Home Antivirus (Free)

Antivirus SolutionsSophos Home is a completely free solution for all your antivirus needs. It’s one of the top antivirus programs that provide high-grade enterprise-level security without burning a hole in your pocket. To access it for free you have to sign up for their free account on their website and download, the antivirus setup. It comes with a powerful scanner for viruses and malware. Furthermore, it keeps an eye on your web activity and eliminates any risk of phishing sites. It will also take care of any unwanted programs which are lying around and slowing down your computer. It will never nag you about upgrading to pro package or give you unnecessary popups. It works silently while taking care of your computer and your sensitive information.

There are many more Antivirus solutions out there, but these are the best in industry. We hope that your computer never gets infected with these nasty viruses and malware attacks. But praying doesn’t help much, so follow the above five steps to keep your computer protected from these issues.

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