Cost of Developing an Ecommerce Website

The e-commerce market is steadily growing in India. The onset of the vicious pandemic has increased sales of online stores significantly. However, building an e-commerce site is not an easy task. There are various features that need to be integrated in order to retain customers.

Take a look at the different features essential in e-commerce website making cost in India 

Cost of Developing E-commerce Website in India

Domain Name

The first step in building an e-commerce site is to purchase a domain name. A different domain name can make your store stand apart from the rest of the competitors. When buying the domain name, keep in mind that it must be catchy, easy to remember, and easily depict your brand for more information you can read this article How to Choose a Domain Name for your Website? Here, you will need to procure the services of a reliable domain registrar.


After purchasing the domain name, the next step is to select a suitable hosting provider. The function of a hosting provider is to offer you a significant space on their web server. In return, they will charge you a specific amount of money. However, the hosting services charge may vary depending on the plan you want for your e-commerce site. You can opt for either monthly or annual payments.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO or search engine optimization plays a crucial role in improving brand visibility. If your website is SEO-optimized, then you can gain high ranks in the search engine. That means, when users search for a particular product that you sell, they are most likely to visit your site. It will increase online traffic, conversion rates, and overall sales. However, you need to choose SEO services that fit your business the best.

Website Designing

Next, the design of the website is a crucial factor that will retain customer attention. If you want a unique look for your site, you need to convey your ideas to the website designer. Keep in mind that there are some free web design templates available. But, those often come with various limitations. If you want a custom look, you might need to increase your budget. You can find out the latest design trends in this article.

Responsive Website

Did you know that Google uses website responsiveness as a ranking factor? In that case, you need to make sure that your website adjusts quickly, irrespective of the size of the screen. The price charges for website responsiveness differ depending on the size of the site. Moreover, the price rate may increase if you want to integrate CSS. Apart from this, you also need to focus on choosing a high-quality CMS or content management system. That way, you can modify the content on the site with relative ease.

After developing a dynamic e-commerce website we need website maintenance to run our site smoothly and error-free.
Website Maintenance Cost

Cost of Developing E-commerce Website in India

Website maintenance is a critical part of website development. It includes the wide range of services that is responsible for ensuring that the website runs without any hassle. That is why you need to make sure that it is included in the cost of creating a website.

Can you imagine the trouble you might find yourself if there are technical glitches two weeks after the website is set up? That is why you must know more about it before choosing the web development company you want.

There are several challenges that your site might face after going live. To handle these issues, website maintenance is of paramount importance. With website maintenance, you can get rid of security problems. Moreover, you can relax as the site will run seamlessly 24/7 without any effort. Furthermore, it will attract customers and entice them to browse through your products or services.


The website maintenance cost in India is ( 3000/m) approximately and the E-commerce website cost (Starting From ₹ 10,000) is approximate. However, the price might differ based on various factors such as website type, complexity, etc. And for deep analysis, go through this article website development costs in India.  And we should always consider experts such as GFXRIDER.COM because they know what the best for our business and how a website runs smoothly. We should not compromise on our budget for an error-free website.

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