Privacy Policy


We would like to comment that we are well aware of the importance of maintaining the safety and integrity of visitor’s personal data and information. We capture only that particular data which is must offer a risk-free experience to visitors to our site whenever they attempt to browse our website. We are following stringent policies for keeping all shared personal information of our visitors private and safe with us.  We keep a strict eye on the customer data so that it never gets misused. We do use of the latest and upgraded electronic tools and software for checking any unauthorized access to visitor information.


We are using the latest technology for ensuring that we are collecting only necessary information to give every visitor a fast and reliable experience while browsing the website. We stay away from collecting user’s data like name, e-mail account, and IP address and do so only after getting authorized permission for the same from the user. If we are collecting such personal details of users, we ensure to take proper measures to protect it from data theft. Client privacy is essential to us. We encourage our visitors to read thoroughly our privacy statement for a better idea about the steps which we follow to keep data safe.


Whatever information we capture about the visitors are solely used for enhancing the web experience of the visitors to our site. We promise that under any circumstances we are not going to compromise with the visitors’ data stored with us. The captured data will not be shared with any third party. It may be the case that we may share some basic info with business affiliates but that too with user consent.

At the time of website auditing, we may use the captured data in house and keep it secret. We would like to intimate that we are not in practice of sending any promotional offers or newsletters in email ID without your consent. Such offers and newsletters will be sent to you only when you subscribe for that. Your permission is necessary for us such service offerings.


We are in collaboration with third party advertisers like “Google.” It may be the case that such advertisers may pass cookie for your browser for serving the advertisements on our website. It’s solely your choice and personal interest to open up such link or not. To stay safe, we will suggest you to read the security guidelines and privacy statement for Google ad and content.

Policy Modification:

We at GFXRIDER, so have the sole rights to make any minor or major changes in the privacy policy for the website without sending any prior intimation to the users. But we ensure to send intimations to the registered users once such changes are implemented so that users do not face any inconvenience at the time of browsing.

We insist our users to keep visiting this page at regular interval to stay updated about all the main and minor changes in policy.