Cost of Developing a Website in India

costing of website

In this digital era, having a website is of paramount importance for brand visibility and success. Irrespective of your business size or industry type, you need to have a secure and functional website. That is the only way to leave a strong impression in the market.

How much does it Cost to create a Website in India?

Cost of creating a Website in IndiaThere are various elements that are responsible for the designing of a good website and there are must features that we must not avoid for the development of a good website. Each component plays a critical role in the success of the site. Whether you are a Start-up and want a single-page website or you are an established business and want a multi-page website or you want an e-commerce website then the components and price will depend on your requirements. The website development cost can be broken down into different sections depending on these elements.

Take a look –

Components of a Website
Estimated Cost (in rupees)
Logo Design
Starting From ₹ 2000
Domain Name
Starting From ₹ 249 Per year
Website Hosting
Starting From ₹ 1500 Per Year
Website Theme
Starting From ₹ 4000 One Time with 6-month Support
Starting From ₹ 500 Per Image
SSL Certificate
Starting From ₹ 2500 Per Year
Mobile Responsiveness
Starting From ₹ 700 Per Hour
API Integration
Starting From ₹ 800 Per Hour
E-Commerce functionality
Starting From ₹ 10,000
Content Management System
Starting From ₹ 5,000
Website content
Starting From ₹ 0.80 Paisa Per Word
Live Chat
Available with both Free & Premium options
Starting From ₹ 350 Per Banner
Premium Fonts
Starting From ₹ 1500
Graphic Design
Starting From ₹ 500 Per Hours
Search Engine Optimization
Starting From ₹ 3000 Per Month
Smart Navigation
Starting From ₹ 700 Per Hour
Website Updates and Maintenance
Starting From ₹ 3000 Monthly

However, the website-making cost in India is dependent on a wide variety of factors.

Factors of costing of a websiteFactors affecting the cost of creating a website

There are various factors that can affect the cost of making a website in India. Here is a breakdown of these factors –


The domain is basically the virtual address of your website. For instance, you need to choose domain names like – .com, .in, .net, .io, etc. For more info that how to choose a Domain Name for your website read this article. There are numerous domain name providers you can find in India. If you want to opt for a premium domain name, then that will cost you more. Keep in mind that you will need to renew your domain name registration every year.

Website Hosting

Website hosting is basically the online service where a server is used to host a website. In essence, it means that now the website is accessible to anyone who can gain access to the internet. With this service, you can publish your website on the net. There are many factors that influence the website hosting price rates. You can book a specific server monthly or annually.

Tools and Programming Languages

To develop a functional website, you need to rely on a particular programming language. These include – Python, Java, C, C++, JavaScript, Swift, C#, PHP, etc. Moreover, you also need to choose the CMS software you want. Depending on the programming language you want, the cost will vary. Apart from this, external tools such as apps, plugins, etc., also play a significant role in website development costing.

Website Type

There are different types of websites in the digital world. You need to decide the type you want. For instance, if you want a simple website where you want to publish some blogs, then that will cost much less. But, if you’re going to set up an attractive eCommerce site with multiple features, you can expect a significant amount. Other website types include media websites, business websites, brochure websites, entertainment websites, non-profit websites, etc.

Website Design

The design of a website is essential in website-making costs in India. If you opt for ready-made templates for web design, you can expect low price rates. But, for custom website designing, you will need to pay a hefty amount. That is because the website designer will have to start from scratch. It is time-consuming and requires a high level of skill, dedication, and patience.

Updates and Maintenance

In order to ensure the loyalty of the existing customer base, you need to make sure that your website is fully functional at all times. For that, constant updates are essential. Moreover, you also need to have developers on standby in case there are any maintenance issues. Most web development companies offer website maintenance as part of website development packages. The website maintenance cost in India is (Starting From ₹ 3000 Monthly). However, the price might differ based on various factors such as website type, complexity, etc.

Website Content

Before the website goes live, you need to ensure that there is content within the web pages. Now, the content must be relevant, informative, and easy to understand. Moreover, it must represent your business to the visitors that check out your site. It is vital that you choose quality content as it can also influence the search engine result page rankings.


costing of a websiteIt is without a doubt that a website can aid in enhancing your brand identity significantly. As a result, you get more customers, and there is an increase in the overall sales. However, to develop the best website, you need to choose the best web development company. For a fully functional and attractive website, you will need to set up a budget. The estimated cost of making a website in India is:

Standard One Page Website Cost: ₹ 2500/- onwards

Standard Multi-Page Website Cost: ₹ 6000/- onwards 

Standard E-Commerce Website Cost: ₹ 10,000/- onwards

These all are estimated costs. The final cost will depend on the requirement, design, and also according to your business.

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