How to get Genuine Traffic to your Blog or Website?


As a marketer or a business owner, what do you want the most? We are sure 100 % of you would answer “customers”. Yes! It is obvious. None of us would survive, if it weren’t for our customers. In this highly competitive world, we have to keep pace with the growing demand for services and how do we do that? We have to get more customers on board. All you need is more traffic to your site. But, how do you do that?

Well, we got your back! In this post, we will discuss the top ways in which you can actually reach out to more people and convert them into customers. These include a number of FREE ways as well & get genuine traffic by Google!

Excited? Get-set-go!
Don’t underestimate the power of “Advertising”

 Genuine TrafficAs obvious as it may seem, a lot of businesses these days do not harness the potential of this medium properly. There are a lot of ways in which advertising can give your business the much needed impetus to attract all your customers, build your brand and get known! A few common ways include advertising on social media platforms, display advertisements and paid searches. 

So, what do you need to do? Well, you have to chalk down a strategy that works well with your goals. You need to know what you are aiming for. Whether it is a need for more traffic, or you are interested in conversions as well!  Accordingly, you will have to devise a strategy with mixed advertisement media to help you scale up the ladder.

Gain it through Social Media

 Genuine TrafficIf you really think people will notice you on their own, you are wrong! Producing great content is not just enough, you have to push for making it accessible to people! Today, a lot of businesses are using the prowess of social media channels to gain the attraction of their customers. Yes! Facebook is so much more than just your DPs or sarcasm posts. It is a great business tool as well. Weren’t you aware of that? Well, now you are! So, you can use your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts to get noticed by your customers.

You need to ensure that you post relevant information on these platforms. If you are a B2C business, you might enjoy a lot of traffic from Pinterest and Instagram, while LinkedIn may not be beneficial for you. Therefore, you need to understand, where your customers spend time and boom! The market is yours!

Sometimes, it is good to mix things up!

Genuine TrafficTo be honest, you do not have any specific mantra for success in this industry. You would need to do a lot of mixing and matching for finding out what exactly works well for you. You would need to experiment quite a bit with the strategies, so that you know what your customers are liking to engage with. You must make the most of your content strategies, trying to play around with words, videos, infographics and images, until you know what works the right way for you!

Win it with Engaging Headlines and Titles

Genuine TrafficWho says, “You can’t judge the book by its cover”? You very well can! In this world of content and digital marketing, the titles of your blog play a significant role in capturing your audience’s attention. Whether or not a customer will open and read your blog, really depends on how quirky and engaging your headline or title is.

Prioritize SEO for your Blogs or Website

Genuine TrafficIf you really think SEO is dead, you need to give it a second thought! SEO is growing more and more important with each passing day. Right from SEO content to meta descriptions, these practices are very much beneficial in driving the desired traffic to your website. And, you know what? These drive organic traffic! It means you get it all for FREE!

Guest Blogging is a Hit!

 Genuine TrafficYou can attract substantial amounts of traffic to your account by opting for guest posting. It has more benefits than you can think of. Try to go for a reputed website to gain for traffic. You could also invite other writer also to write on your website and blog. That would help you target the right audience and also bring in more links for you.


Well, if you are planning on making your online business or blog a hit, you must concentrate on these aspects of blogging and posting. You would definitely get the desired results! It will help you go a really long way. Thank us later! And GFXRIDER will definitely Help you!!

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